Friday, April 27, 2012

Your Boyfriend Is Gay

Most of these have all been said to me by an ex boyfriend.

1-When you catch him browsing M4M (Male for Male) on Craig’s List his response is that "the profiles with dick pictures make him laugh."

2- On movie night, you want to watch The Change Up, he wants to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

3- On Valentines Day, you put on something sexy, he says “Can’t we do it tomorrow?”.

4- When your gay friend comes over to your house his Grindr application indicates that the nearest gay man is 2 feet away. The only other person in the house is your boyfriend.

5- The week he goes out of town every year to “visit family” also happens to be Gay Pride Week. You are never invited.   

6- He always has carpet burn on his knees.

7- When you go to bed, he builds what he calls a “Pillow Fort”, you are told to stay on your own side of the fort

8-He prefers to visit a male massage therapist because “their hands are stronger”.

9- Your panties continue to disappear; he says he has no clue where they are.   

10- He thinks sports are “dumb” but turns down sex to play Fat Princess all night on PlayStation.


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