Sunday, February 5, 2012

The time I could have gotten Herpes.

Name: Travis


Looks- 9 out of 10

So my boss was friends with Travis and after he met me, he wanted to make me his women (duh, who doesn’t?). Travis was really cute and tall, so I was open to the possibility of becoming his women. He started coming by my job on days that he knew I would be there (stalking me, ha ha just kidding). Anyway we started talking on the phone, we were on our way to planning a date. One night while on the phone, we were both watching the same tv show and therefore had the same commercials. All of a sudden a commercial for Genital Herpes medication came on. So I am laughing and I said "Wow, having herpes would really suck." Then Travis replied with "Yeah, it does". I waited for the laughter, I waited for, JUST KIDDING, I waited for a minute but he never said any of that. How was I supposed to respond to that? My boss must have really hated me because I think she knew he had Herpes.

Ok, so then we hung up the phone and I NEVER talked to him again. Let me make it clear, I did NOT have sex with Travis and therefore do NOT have Herpes. Ok, everyone, I do not have herpes, Travis does and Herpes is a deal breaker for me.

Thank you.

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